Thursday, August 30, 2012

Typewriters in the News

There's a nice little "discovery" article over at a Philly Burbs blog. Writers are often nostalgic and I think we are all connected to the writing tools of the past, no matter how hard some may try to deny it. I've never had the pleasure to type on an Underwood, save my cross-branded Lettera 32, but it doesn't take much imagination for me to remember the magic of playing with a new typewriter.

In other news, the Canberra Times posted an article, written by our very own Robert Messenger, on the first and only Australian typewriter inventor. As most of us are accustomed to from his blog, ozTypewriter, Messenger packs a lot of information in a well-written and researched topic.  It is an excellent read!


Richard P said...

Go Robert!

You have to type on an Underwood 5 or one of its descendants (as pictured here) sometime. They are great, precise machines and although they're not my personal favorites I can see how one could form a close bond with an Underwood.

Scott K said...

it seems that Rob and I have been writing on very similar subjects lately! Excellently written, as always with Rob - with much less of the editorializing that I'm prone to.

I think I'll keep this article bookmarked.

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