Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be (cooperatively) shocking!

If you're a member of the Typosphere, don't tell me you haven't had fantasies of doing something like this. Maybe you've even done it. (The great illustration by Andrew Joyner is for a not-so-great article in Businessweek about offices that are behind the times. Someone in the story refuses to use a typewriter to make labels and uses a Sharpie instead.)

Now, there is strength and courage in numbers, so it would be easier and more fun to type on the subway or at a Starbucks if you had partners in the caper. This is why I find videos such as these from Improv Everywhere inspiring:

The No Pants Subway Ride
Mobile Desktop (people lug desktop computers into a Starbucks)

Where I live, I'm not sure I can find enough like-minded typists to pull off something like this. But maybe some typospherians in larger cities would be interested in organizing some cooperative insurgent activities. If you do, be sure to share the video with us!


notagain said...

It sure would help if I had company. Maybe I just need to bring two typewriters when I want to type on the train or plane.

Anonymous said...

So what's so hard about typing a label with a typewriter?

michaeliany said...

we can do a combo: typecasting in public in our underwear!

Richard P said...

@professorc30: sounds like technophobia -- retrotechnophobia -- to me!

Mark said...

We use DOT matrix printers and fax machines where I work! We even use a lot of hardcopy handwritten forms in our records. Pretty old school, but I like it.

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