Monday, August 6, 2012

The International Correspondence Initiative

Reposted with permission from A Machine for the End of the World:

The International Correspondence Initiative

What it is: A project to make the world a smaller, more engaged and more interesting place the old-fashioned way: via snail-mail

Who it is: Anyone who is interested can participate!

Where it is: Global

Materials used: Typewriters, pens, pencils, paper, business card stock, cameras, braillers, steno machines, adding machines, craft supplies, greeting cards, scanners, computers

Purpose: To send out and receive unique correspondence (dubbed 'Typograms') and to post it to the Typosphere once it arrives at its intended destination

Content: The sky's the limit, as long as it's tasteful and safe for work/younger viewers

Comments: This is quickly becoming a pet project for me. I'm excited to get started with making and sending things! And I have some creative ideas for what I will receive, too. If privacy is a concern for any would-be participants, rest assured that your address would absolutely not be made public. Of course, all participants are to be held to the same privacy standards.  Participants will receive addresses in round robin fashion; once a Typogram is sent to and received by one addressee, the sender will get another, random addressee. It will be up to the individuals involved as to wether they would like to continue correspondence with one another after the initial Typogram.

Contact: Please email any questions, comments or requests to Anna here.


A.R.M.S. said...

I now have enough participants to make first-round correspondent pairups, and I will be announcing them this evening!

...Stay tuned...

A.R.M.S. said...


Here is the first-round correspondence mash-up:

Richard P. / Ryan A.

Vikram / Bell Stone (blog forthcoming)

notagain / Anna Strad

We happen to have an uneven number, so I'll be taking on two correspondents for this round:

Anna Strad / Nat

So, let the corresponding...begin!

I am quite looking forward to see what everyone will be posting on their blogs in the coming weeks and months that they have received from others!

Happy Typogramming!


deek said...

Interesting idea. So its like a regular snail mail (one time) pen pal except you publicly share what you receive by posting it on your public blog.

A.R.M.S. said...

If you so choose, you can continue writing to a previous assigned correspondent (or all of them, if you're ambitious!) but you will still be assigned another. Like musical chairs, but with correspondence, sorta.

Scott K said...

How are we going on all of this?

I sent of a letter this morning!

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